Sunday, September 14, 2008

Played, Friday 11th Nov,

The party now safely within the massive walls of Tashal started by finding a suitable Inn to set up in for about a months worth of rent. The one chosen is called the Tower Inn and is situated to the North of the city close to the, "Heru Gate".

As with all parties that enter a major town for downtime, the GM is inundated with questions and requests from players from every side, this went on for along time as each character wished to go about his own business. Some went straight to weapon smiths to check on repairing or upgrading their own equipment, some went to restock on supplies and others began to learn skills or languages or continue where they left off on a previous downtime. ( I do not allow skills to be learnt while the party is on campaign unless its something like Woodcraft etc... as there is no time ! for such learning while caught up in quests and goals out on campaign in the wilds etc...) Yes I am a tight GM but this is why downtime is so looked forward to.

Meanwhile, Xavier, the leader of the group began to take account of the treasure owned by the party and sort thru it as to what was wanted and what was not. This took a fair amount of time also as every item imaginable was brought forth for evaluation for possible sale. Borian of the group (Jonathan) is a Grey Elf Merchant Adventure and was ideal for making the bargains and setting up values for many items etc...the party also managed to gain much needed exp for Battle Loot and Stolen Loot also which was then distributed amongst the party due to input, duration and values given as per the rules for percentages allowed.

The players all benefited greatly dependant on many factors before this was all done. Once everything was evaluated it was nearly 2am in the morning and thus the session was ended. The goal of coming to Tashal in the North was to try to sell all the previously gathered treasures over the last 2 years of real time and sell it all in the biggest city possible, namely Tashal. For this is the only city capable in the Eastern Side of Harn capable of being able to sell it all with the least possible chance of being noticed as a group with a lot of cash. Let’s see about that!

The group will be back next week to decide on how this is all to be spent or split up with some players with their own ideas over and against what the party leader may have in mind...I for one can't wait to see what will happen!

In situations like this I use a book called "Cities"; it is made by Chaosium books and is basically a game aid. It is used a lot with Rune quest games but VERY suitable with C&S. It is awesome for urban encounters and situations plus invaluable for fleshing out such places as Inns/Taverns etc...Cliental etc...But the one thing I like about it the most is its rules called, "Character Catch Up". These rules deal with long term situations in where a party is doing downtime for one or more weeks and what can happen to a character during that time.

This book has been invaluable to me and my group for many years now and a great tool for looking after long term downtimes in cities. I highly recommend it to all GM's, it is now long out of print and the only way to get it is eBay or downloads it by PDF format. The wealth of information within its pages is invaluable to any GM, I can't stress that enough.

The characters will now find themselves for at least the next month having to interact with the local populus, learn skills, spells or languages. Purchasing new or better equipment including possible magical weapons to be purchased or made. All this and prepare for the coming winter and the long journey back to Chybisa to the South.

Xavier the 16th level Chevalier and leader of the group also wishes to hire skilled craftsmen with promises of high wages to pack up home and family and move with the party in order to build a new fief on the site of some as of yet unknown Ruins! There are over 12 of them back in Chybisa in various states of dilapidation or worse, inhabited by god knows what?

To be continued...

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