Sunday, September 14, 2008

Played, Friday, 3rd December.

The last 3 days of the month began with a meeting between the party members, Xavier wanted to know more about the Castle ruins and its history. He spoke again to the Larani Knight Commander who told him of its dark past...

The ruins you speak of has a history dating back over 700 years, it was the domain of an Earl of early Kaldor at the time of, "Lothrim the Foul Spawner". During this time of turmoil the Foul Spawner sent an army of Orc and Men to sweep east and attack Kaldor, the Earl fought this foul army only to end up sieged within his castle. The Army of the King tried to break through but could not cross the river successfully. The Earl cut off was eventually forced to surrender after a horrific fight. The Earl and some of his followers survived only to be tortured to death by the Orcs. His ghost and that of his followers is said to still haunt the lonely castle ruins.

With this knowledge Xavier wanted to check the ruins again for any clues as to the present inhabitants. Thorvald the Viking (Robert) volunteered to go to these ruins and check them out. With only 3 days left before the planned attack he set off the next morning and spent most of the day getting to the nearby village of Kathane at the base of the foothills to the East of the ruined castle. Thorvald arrived in the hills that evening and ventured in the dark to the vicinity of the ruins. After three hours climbing higher and higher into the hills the castles decayed and crumbling walls appeared dark in the distance. Thorvald skirted outside of the massive bastion to the North side, suddenly a shadow appeared from within the dark interior and lunged at the Norseman slashing two swords.

The fight on the fallen stone blocks of one of the towers started badly for Thorvald, he was cut several times and decided to fall back down onto flat ground. Just as it seemed Thorvald was going to fall he managed to hit this dark assassin with a critical to the face, covered in blood the man reeled back on the stone missing his left eye! Thorvald finished him off and cut off his head to bring back to the party. Not able to re enter the city that night he slipped back in the next morning with the unknown mans head in a sealed bag.

That day Xavier and Thorvald took the head back to the Larani Knight Commander's Temple to show it too him in order to find out a little more about his possible identity. The Knight washed the blood from its face to reveal the man had a dark complexion, tell tail signs of a tattooed face, probably of Heperkerian origin, (Hepekerian’s were known for being excellent warriors and assassins). The plot now thickened to the intrigue of all.

The party now armed with a little more knowledge agreed to go along with Thurl's plan and meet at the ruins at midnight 2 days from now. These two days went quickly and the party gathered their numbers including the hired men-at-arms and set off for the ruins at dawn on the last day. Travelling all day the party entered Kathane mid afternoon and waited for dusk before continuing up into the foothills to the West.

After dark the party set off but Votta (The Dwarf) spotted a shadow between the huts of the village as he turned back one last time to check the rear. (He is a thief) Without telling the party, he fell behind to watch this mysterious person. The party ventured on high into the hills for the next 4 hours, Votta lagging behind 30mins by the time the castle was eventually spotted. Votta lost all sight of this person and eventually caught up to the party as they came close to the ruins.

The Castle loomed ahead, massive of size and engulfed in light from within, it seemed that Thurl was right and the Agrikian’s were in fact there. Now only to find Thurl....

Not long after a dull light flashed from the forest, the party knew this was Thurl making contact. Soon after, Votta was sent forward to make contact. Votta not at all comfortable with the idea of getting close to Thurl and his men alone out here in the dark became very cautious and untrusting when he closed too talk to him on a dark hill away from the party.

Not wanting too venture closer than 10ft to Thurl, Votta squatted in the tall grass to listen to Thurl's voice... My men and I will charge thru the breaches here on the North Wall, once Xavier hears our charge and is sure the battle is joined tell him to have his men ready to charge on the Southern wall breaches. The Agrikian’s will be engaged with us totally by then and he can charge in and surprise them from behind. We will have a great advantage in our favour. Votta nodded and took this information back to Xavier....

Xavier agreed to this plan but asked Votta to go back onto the hill and watch Thurl's men in case of a double cross. Votta crept back and hid again in the tall grass.

Not more than 10-15 mins went past before the party heard Thurl’s men charging thru the crumbled walls of the castle, screaming and yelling could be heard, (Xavier felt relaxed now realising Thurl was obviously trustworthy). Xavier waited for an entire 5 mins (turn) before also starting his own attack from the South. The party and the hired men-at-arms scrambled over the breached fallen walls, clambering up over the debris and into the darkened interior walls. As the party closed they could see Thurl's men engaged with the Agrikian’s along the north wall, swords clanged and men fell it could be seen.

The party became separated as they moved thru the maze of interior walls, chambers and debris until finally crossing to an ancient courtyard. Xavier raised his weapon up high calling out, "charge!!" to the party and his men-at-arms as he ran towards the already occurring melee. As he and some party members began to run he realised the sound of running feet beside him had dropped off! Only he and a few party members were charging...and then it dawned on him......

To be continued...

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