Sunday, September 14, 2008

Reasons for Travel to Tashal.

The party has much in the way of loot and treasure hidden on them and in bags. This loot is the result of the two year campaign in the Jahl Mountains in the "Necromancer" campaign. It is highly valuable and important for the parties goals and ambitions to gain enough cash to then find and establish a small fief in the Kingdom of Chybisa with the King's blessing of course if they can obtain it thru Influence BIF etc...

In Chybisa there are many old and ancient ruins to the North and South that are in various states of disrepair. These ruins still belong to the kingdom but are either totally uninhabitable or used by bandits etc...Once the party finish what they are trying to do in Tashal they will travel south again back to Chybisa to try to convince the king to allow them to search these ruins and re establish one as a new fief rebuilding the fortifications and also a village and so on around it.

This if approved by the king, will take time and much money but if successful will allow the group a base from which they can use as a kind of holiday home for their characters. Allowing the guys the use multiple characters, one active character while the others stay at the Manor House in downtime going about their business learning skills or languages or even spells and miracles while using the active character out on campaign.

The idea has been done once before with dire consequences about 6-7 years ago but this other bastion of "sanctuary!" was overrun by Orcs because the party decided to stir the nearby hold by venturing into their abode. Thus the Orcs attacked their Manor House and wiped it out. The local Dwarvish Mansion who owned the Manor at the time renting it out to the party took it back forcefully saying that the party was not wanted on their lands for fear of stirring up an unwanted war with this powerful Orc tribe at the time.

So the next few weeks will be spent in downtime in Tashal as the party go about their business trying to establish their hold with ready cash under the command of Xavier, a 16th level Shorkynese Chevalier and the rest of the party. Once this is all said and done the party intend to go back out into the world continuing their quests individually one by one as a group. These quests are mostly linked in one way or another with the main characters. These quests will be revealed in due time.

To be continued...

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