Sunday, September 14, 2008

Played, Friday 14th Oct.

The party had just finished their long 2 year campaign in Orbaal trying to destroy a Necromancer whom had the goal to turn himself into a Lich Lord. This campaign was in itself a horrific journey for the group that led them into the Jahl Mountains and spending nearly 2 years in the mtns or under them!

When it was finished the group made their way North to Gelderheim, (the seat of Viking power in Orbaal) having the King's second son with them as an NPC for the last 2 years allowed them a great deal of notoriety and praise from the usually Xenophobic North men ! The party were given safe passage throughout Orbaal and given a 3 week boat ride to far away Burzyn in the Kingdom of Chybisa to the South as payment for the safe return of the king's son.

The group by this time had many riches and treasure on them that they needed to sell fast in Tashal (Greatest City in Western Harn) as this City is the only real place that could have merchants rich enough to deal with the buying of such treasures in one go. The group’s current goal is to get to Tashal and sell these treasures in order to then have the money to set up their own Manor house in Northern Chybisa if able to influence the Ruling King!

The Groups ambition is to have a permanent base that can be kept running as a normal dwelling etc... and a base for the players characters when not actively out on Campaign, the guys like to play more than one character and having one or more at the Manor while they play one character in the group out on campaign is their idea.

The group keeping a low profile in Chybisa bought a Wagon and horses and provisioned it with enough food etc to make their way North to Tashal, a journey that will take them approx 23 days. The session ended with the group totally set and ready to go.....

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