Sunday, September 14, 2008

Played, Friday 21st Oct

The Party then set off on their long journey north along the much used Caravan track called the Gennin Trail. The journey would take them thru the Osel March to Osel Bridge, a small trading post about 11 days into their 23 day journey to Tashal.

The Journey started well, the party travelled North thru mostly the farmlands of the Northern villages for the first day or more. After leaving the small village of Meldun the road turned North West and the weather deteriorated into rainy overcast days for the next three days.

These few days went along relatively quietly and the party settled in for a slow march. In the third day Aedon the Cleric spotted some strange mushrooms in a sunken area off the road while stopped to rest the horses, on investigation he descended into a small cavernous area and disturbed a Brown Bear that almost got him if it wasn't for The Power Word Mage (Denis) in the group. He managed to cast a Sleep spell and down went the bear into blissful slumber by the side of the road.

The next day or more was quiet until the party entered the first forested area along the trail, coming up a deeply covered part of the path the party spotted two men in the gloomy distance hailing the party to stop. The guys straight away took this as a trap and sped up the horses to a running pace. The two men moved to the side and one of them brandishing a Glaive swung it at the Wagon Driver (The Power Word Mage).

Ordieth the young Dwarven Warrior seeing this held up his shield to cover the Mage, he was successful and the Glaive slammed into the shield glancing overhead. The Mage blinded by the shield in front of his face panicked and almost lost control of the galloping horses but with incredible luck managed to hold them on the road.

Meanwhile other Brigands tried to leap onto the Wagon from the flank, one fell in the attempt but another managed to leap on. The guys turned to face and struck at him, miss! The Brigand encouraged by this faced the Cleric and Votta (another Dwarven Warrior) in melee in the back of the cart. Slashing and stabbing the three lunged at each other til the brigand became too outnumbered when Prudence also entered the fight. The brigand suffering a Critical hit to his right arm breaking it, leapt off the wagon falling to the ground with a heavy thud. Snap! His leg suffered a critical hit from the fall.

Broken and battered, he lay dead from his injuries as the party galloped away up the road.

To be continued....

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