Sunday, September 14, 2008

Played Friday Nov 4th.

The fight began and the wagon became surrounded by Pagaelin Horsemen, Erich the Mage jumped into the back of the cart while Xavier the Chevalier moved across to take his place. The fighting became confused and deadly as weapons flew and swung in every direction.

The leader of the Barbarians ordered two of his men to hold the harnesses of the wagon's horses while the rest went into the melee; this brought the wagon to a stop. The Viking of the group (Robert) realising they had to regain control of the wagon, leapt into the gap between the two rear horses. One of the Horsemen seeing this lunged his spear at him but missed. Robert albeit with much trouble managed to leap onto the back of the right foremost horse...

Meanwhile the Ranger (Alan) kept up a tirade of arrows into the Horsemen downing at least two more, being an Elf he managed to keep himself very well hidden. The Barbarian he had hit critically in the leg had found the arrow had been nailed to his horse's flank and he could not budge it. The pain was intense but he managed to alert another of the horsemen to the bowmen thought to be in the trees.

The Dwarves meanwhile in the back of the wagon continued the fight with axe and sword against the other horsemen whom they managed to fend off very well. The fighting became more intense as a few of the group became injured and needing medical attention before long. The Viking of the group managed to right himself on the horse's back as one of the Barbarians came round to kill him, Rob seeing only the horses’ head of the rider near him thought quickly and smashed it with his weapon. The horse suffered a critical hit and instead of rearing up in fright remained there as if stunned, catatonic in a way after receiving such a horrific blow.

The rider could not budge his horse at all to counter strike effectively. Rob seeing the other horseman coming round from the other side decided to smack the horse he was on and the one next to him, jolting them into lurching forward, in so doing the rider coming around found himself right in the path of them and was hit and bowled over. The horses all frightened by now panicked and all hell broke loose as the horses and wagon rode over the horse and its barbarian rider on the ground.

In all this the party managed to keep control of the horses which in the confusion had swung over and to the left of the fallen rider. The Viking was swung at again as he passed by the first barbarian but missed! The remainder of the horsemen followed the group and the wagon for a short distance until deciding to call it off having their leader down and many other fallen.

The Ranger skulking in the trees managed to hide in cover avoiding being seen and caught up with the group a little later on.

The guys kept riding into the afternoon and only stopped long enough to patch the wounded etc...That night they stopped and camped and the next day finally after 12 days out on the trail rode into the Mercantyler Outpost at Oselbridge...

The sight of Oselbridge was a welcome relief for the party after such a hard journey up the Genin Trail, fresh supplies and food etc... Were purchased here and a good rest was had at the hostel with a night of drinking and meeting the locals. The party had been away from the Kingdom of Kaldor for over 3 years and Oselbridge was the Southern most outpost of that Kingdom.

The next day the group moved on and other than a small brush with the local military patrol of Kobing Keep whom were searching every wagon coming North from Osel, the journey went well and after another twelve or so days on the road travelling thru well established farmlands and towns & villages the party finally entered Tashal the capital of Kaldor...

To be continued...

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